3 Foods that Negatively Impact Your Brain Health

Fish Containing Excessive Amount of Mercury

You must have probably heard that fish with high amount of mercury need to be avoided during pregnancy period, however do you know that this type of fish might also affect the functioning of your brain? The truth is, fish with high mercury content is at the top of the list among foods which can harm your brain health since mercury is considered to be a neurotoxin & might negatively affect your cerebellum. Cerebellum plays a key role in maintaining proper balance, vision and coordination in humans.

If you’re one of those people who enjoy tuna, try to eat it in moderate amounts. If possible, try not to eat it more than once per week or in small size dishes such as sushi rolls. In addition, you’re better off avoiding fish like swordfish, king mackerel & shark.

Artificial Sweeteners

Although you cannot technically call them food, you could find them in most processed foodstuffs. Experts during a research in Israel revealed that consumption of artificial sweeteners is likely to increase your risk for developing type 2 diabetes since they modify the bacteria present in your gut. Studies also suggest that type-2 diabetes could further the odds of developing Alzheimer’s up to 4 times.

Foods with excessive trans fats

Trans fat occurs in its natural form in dairy products and red meat. Although it is important that you limit your high fat dairy and meat intake, it’s also equally critical to watch out intake of processed foodstuffs containing trans fats. The primary reason for this is because naturally occuring trans fat is likely to behave differently in the human body than that which gets added artificially in the food items.

Artificially added trans fat might result in cellular destruction, negatively impact your memory as well as increase the inflammation in your brain cells. Trans fats are most common in pre-packaged cookies & cakes, snacks, margarine, etc. Rather, you must aim to increase the proportion of healthy fats which can be found in nuts, avocado, olive oil, and seeds. This can help preserve healthy brain cells in seniors.

The things which you eat on a day to day basis might hugely impact your brain health. Foods that are high in artificial sugar, trans fats, and mercury might lead to weak memory, learning ability & cognitive health among seniors.

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