2020 Medicare Supplement for below 65 and Physically challenged in Colorado

Do you reside in Coloradan, you expect to receive a Medigap plan and you are below 65 and physically challenged? While this is not obtainable in most states, certain requirements may be met in Colorado.

Medicare supplement if you are in Colorado below the age of 65 and are physically challenged

Federal law generally does not requireinsurance companies to offer Medicare supplement plans for people below 65 andpeople with disabilities and are Medicare beneficiaries. However, in the lawsof some state, insurance companies must provide a Medicare supplement policy.One of those states is Colorado.

You might qualify to purchase a Medigap plan if you are below 65 and physically challenged. In other words, if you qualify for Medicare Part A insurance and Part B insurance for a qualifying disability, you can buy a Medicare Compensation Plan in Colorado. As a rule, persons who have received disability benefits from the Social Security Authority or the Railroad Retirement Board for 24 consecutive months are automatically enrolled in Part A and B.

If you meet these requirements, you may qualify to buy a Medicare supplement if you are below 65 and physically challenged in Colorado.

Medicare supplement plans are sold by private insurance companies and are designed to work with Medicare Part A and B to help pay for the cost. That said, Medicare supplemental plans can help pay deductibles and coinsurance or Medicare co-payments.

What types of Medicare supplemental plans are available for people below 65 and for people with disabilities?

If you have Medicare before you turn 65 years because you are physically challenged, you may have the same options for the Medicare supplement plan in Colorado as you do for beneficiaries 65 and older.

In most states, insurance companies sell up to 10 standardized Medicare plans: i.e. Plans A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M & N. In Colorado, insurers may be expected to offer any or some of these plans to you to purchase. There are several plans available for you to buy. You may want to see the benefits of these standardized plans.

Consider several points when comparing Medicare supplements:

Insurance firms that offer supplemental Medicare plans may not provide all 10 types of plans.

Your monthly premium may vary from one plan to another and from one insurance firm to another.

Medicare supplemental plans sold today do not contain prescription drugs of Medicare Part D. If you want drug coverage for prescription, you can sign up for a separate prescription drug plan for Medicare Part D.

When can you buy a Medicare supplement plan if you are below 65 and physically challenged?

To find out when you can apply for a Medicare Supplement Plan if you qualify for a disability below 65 years, you can contact the Colorado State Health Insurance Program (SHIP).

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